Hyper-fast tire inflation and deflation

Power Tank's Monster Valves may look small but they provide the single biggest upgrade in performance versus the stock component on your off-road vehicle. The oversized, secondary valve stems can be installed in nearly any wheel and gives you lightning quick air downs and air ups. 

It takes less than fifteen seconds to drop fifteen psi on a 40 inch tire (40x13.50x17) and air ups happen just as quickly when paired with a Power Tank. From stepping out of your vehicle at the trailhead, to being aired down and ready to wheel takes less than five minutes, including set up and put away. 

Monster Valves are always a secondary valve stem. Your standard Schrader valve stem allows you to keep your TPMS, gives you a spot to attach a tire pressure gauge to monitor pressures as you air up and air down, and works as a backup in case you need to borrow an air system on the trail. 

Monster Valve operation is incredibly simple. When pavement turns into dirt, grab your Tire Pressure Gauge and get ready for the fastest air down of your life.

  1. Attach the Tire Pressure Gauge (TPG) to your Schrader valve stem
  2. Unscrew the red collar on the Monster Valve
  3. Screw the red collar down when the target pressure is reached

When you're tired and hungry from a long day or weekend of wheeling, nothing beats airing up quickly and getting back on pavement to head home. Airing up is just as simple as airing down.

  1. Turn on your Power Tank to 250 psi and set up the hose and Monster Chuck
  2. Attach the TPG to your Schrader valve stem
  3. Attach the Monster Chuck to the Monster Valve
  4. Open the valve on the Monster Chuck to air up
  5. Close the valve when the target pressure is reached

Monster Valve Differences

All Monster Valve versions offer the same inflation and deflation performance. The difference lies in how you install them in your wheel and what wheels they are most compatible with. Monster Valve Kits include four or five Monster Valves, a Monster Chuck for inflation, a valve core tool for both Monster Cores and Schrader valve cores, Quick-Release Schrader valve stem caps, single use Loctite, silicone grease packet for future maintenance, and an install tool. In the case of the MV1, you receive a bright steel tap. For the MV3 and MV4, you receive a Monster Key. 

Monster Valve 1 (MV1) - Tap Install

  • Fits the most wheels
  • Can be installed with tire mounted
  • Drill and tap install
  • Tap and Loctite included

Monster Valve 3 (MV3) - No-Tap Install (Universal)

  • Easy install
  • Must be able to reach the back of the wheel
  • Drill and seal with rubber grommet
  • Monster Key and Loctite included
  • Can fit in some wheels with dual valve stems

Monster Valve 4 (MV4) - KMC Edition

  •  Easiest install
  • Must be able to reach the back of the wheel
  • Made for KMC Beadlocks with dual valve stems
  • No drilling or tapping
  • Monster Key and Loctite included

Monster Valve Gallery

Tire Pressure Gauges

The perfect mate to your new Monster Valves is one of our premium Tire Pressure Gauges. They all feature a large, easy-to-read analog or digital gauge with two feet of stainless steel braided hose so you can set your gauge down anywhere in your line of sight. The Euro clip-on air chuck that we use is rebuildable for years of use and detaches from the gauge with an air coupler so you can plug it directly into an air hose from your Power Tank or other air system in order to air up through a standard Schrader valve. Our Tire Pressure Gauges also have an in-line bleed button right under your thumb where you'd expect it for spot-on tire pressures. 

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