Mounting Ideas v1

Power Tanks are universal and can be mounted just about anywhere in or on a vehicle. Most commmonly, folks use our Roll Bar Clamps to mate their Power Tank on a roll bar, bed rack, or tire carrier. Some folks do a flush mount to a flat panel in their interior or in their bed. For 4 door JKU and JLU owners, we make a bracket just for your jeeps. If you don't have any place to mount it or would prefer not to use a hard mount, we also have padded speed bags for our 10 lb and 15 lb Power Tanks that you can store with the rest of your gear and luggage.

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50 Shades JK has his 15 lb Power Tank mounted to the roll bars on his 4dr JKU on 40s. The Large Roll Bar Clamps mount over the stock JK padding with no modifications.

Our Roll Bar Clamps will fit on any Jeep Roll Bar including this awesome silver TJ.

4advtrs uses a pair of Roll Bar Clamps to mount his 15 lb Power Tank to his Leitner Designs Rack.

Brian mounted his 10 lb Power Tank in the back of his FJ Cruiser on a MOLLE panel. Right next to it is a bag to store his hose, tire inflator, and other tools.

Chris made a homemade drawer system for his 5th gen 4Runner and the Power Tank Super Bracket bolts right to the side for easy access on the trail.

This is a yellow 10 lb Power Tank mounted to our JKU drop down bracket. The bracket fits 07-18 4 door wranglers and mounts to the roll bars but keeps the Power Tank low down for easier access.

This pre-runner has a fully custom bed rack system with the Power Tank mounted towards the cab to protect it from rocks and debris kicked up from the tires.

Crush Recovery is another user of our Roll Bar Clamps for their 10 lb Power Tank.

This beefy JKU is using our Floor Bracket to mount his Power Tank on top of a storage basket. The Floor Bracket keeps the Power Tank at just the right angle to not allow liquid CO2 through the regulator.

GrapplerJK is using our Small Roll Bar Clamps to mount his 15 lb Power Tank onto his Genright aftermarket roll cage.

Here is another pre-runner utilizing our Roll Bar Clamps on a custom bed cage.

This is a close up of the previous truck. The Roll Bar Clamps keep the Power Tank secure through even the roughest washboards.

This trailer is using two of our 11 lb Propane Tank Mounts back to back. Like most of our brackets, the latch can accomodate a padlock.

No matter how new or old the rig, a Power Tank is always a wise investment as evidenced by this land cruiser with a 10 lb tank mounted to the swing out tire carrier.

Rock Box mounts a Power Tank on nearly every one of their adventure trailers because they are truly off-road capable. If you look closely, you can see our 11 lb Propane Tank Bracket mounted on the other side!

Sergeant Crush was running a custom powdercoated orange Super Bracket to mount his 10 lb Power Tank before he upgraded to a drop bracket and a 15 lb system seen in the next picture.

Now Sergeant Crush is running our Gen 1 JKU drop bracket which puts his 15 lb Power Tank down lower behind the rear seats.
Without the drop bracket, the regulator on a 15 lb Power Tank sits way up near the ceiling of a 4dr JKU. PinkyPieJK doesn't mind though.
ATL_SRT is running the same setup as GrapplerJK. A 15lb Power Tank mounted to a Genright aftermarket roll cage with Small Roll Bar Clamps.
Tal displays his Candy Red 15 lb Power Tank proudly on his JKU Roll Bar.
Adam at Step 22 Gear is another FJ Cruiser owner. He has a similar set-up to Brian above, but he's using a smaller 5 lb Power Tank which gives him more room for a fire extinguisher.