Monster Valve Instructions

Thank you for your purchase of Power Tank Monster Valves.

Here you will find instructions for all current styles of Monster Valves. Monster Valves are sold in kits of four or five valves and include a Monster Chuck for airing up, an install tool (tap for MV-Tap, Monster Key for MV-Wedge and MV-Flat), valve core removal tool, single-use packet of Loctite 243, and quick-release valve stem caps for your standard schrader valves. Optionally, you can add a HD Tire Pressure Gauge. 

Monster Valves are always installed as a secondary valve stem. This is so you can retain factory TPMS, so you can monitor your second-to-second tire pressure with an attached gauge, and so you have a backup way to air up your tire if you can not air up through the Monster Valve. 

Monster Valve Tap (MV1)

MV-Tap installs into your wheels using threads that you drill and tap. A bright steel tap is included in kits of four or five Monster Valves. You will need medium strength Loctite 243 (included). MV-Tap can be installed with or without the tire on the wheel. We provide video instructions for both installation methods. Further down, you will see an additional install video of a MV-Tap into a Hutchinson Rock Monster Double Beadlock Wheel done by our friend Justin, at Krashfab Custom Fabrication. 

Monster Valve Tap (MV1) Install without tire

Monster Valve Tap (MV1) with tire

Monster Valve Tap (MV1) with tire into Hutchinson Rock Monster

Monster Valve Wedge (MV3) and Monster Valve Flat (MV4)

MV-Wedge and MV-Flat is even easier to install into your wheels as they do not require tapping a hole. MV-Wedges can be installed in nearly any wheel by simply drilling a hole. The MV-Flat is designed specifically for KMC and Alpha Equipt Beadlock style wheels or any wheel with dual valve stems as standard and require no drilling or modification to the wheel to install. 

Both the MV-Wedge and MVFlat use a rubber grommet to create a leak-free seal. It is tightened from the back and both versions must be installed with the tire divorced from the wheel. 

We now include a single-use packet of Loctite 243. The instructions for using the Loctite is the same for the MV-Wedge and MV-Flat and are found at the bottom of this page.

Note: We have made some improvements to the MV-Flat to better accommodate KMC, Alpha Equipt, and other dual valve stem wheels. There is an aluminum spacer to account for recessed valve stem holes. The spacer sits above the rubber grommet. Leave this on the stem when installing. The rubber grommet has been shortened but installs the same as you see in the below videos. The cone nut is now paired with a cone washer. They are identified as the two brass pieces on your Monster Valve. Install both parts on the back side of the wheel just as you see the single cone nut in the below videos. 

Monster Valve Wedge (MV3) Install Video

Monster Valve Flat (MV4) Install Video

Loctite Instructions - Applies to MV-Wedge (MV3) and MV-Flat (MV4) installs

Please call our office if you have questions or would like assistance with your install. If you do not feel confident in your ability to install Monster Valves yourself, do not hesitate to call a professional 4x4 shop. We can help you locate a local business if you require assistance.

Office: 209-366-2163 Email:

You install these products at your own risk. Power Tank will not be held responsible for improper installations or improper use of our products. 

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