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Regulator Options

You have a choice between a high pressure HP250i regulator with 250 psi max output or an extreme pressure XP400 regulator with 400 psi max output. Which one is right for you depends on what you will be using your Power Tank for.

Tire air up speed is determined primarily by flow rate or the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of the gas. The HP250i boasts a 45 cfm flow rate and the XP400 outputs 48 cfm. Not a large difference in tire air up speed between the two. A high-end compressor puts out 5-6 cfm for comparison.

Most air tools require between 100-150 psi to operate. Both Power Tank regulators are more than up to the task.

Both regulators are dual gas, meaning they work with both CO2 and nitrogen (N2). You would use your Power Tank regulator with N2 if you need to service shocks, hydraulic bump stops, or air struts.

The HP250i exceeds the needs of about 95% of our customers. Unless you have a specific use case for more than 250 psi output pressure, we recommend our tried and true HP250i.

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