What is a Power Tank?

Simply put, a Power Tank is the fastest, most powerful, and most reliable portable air system on the market. 

  • It can inflate a 37" tire from 10 psi to 30 psi in 45 seconds
  • It can reseat a 46" tire without removing it from the hub
  • It can run air tools like a 1/2 inch impact wrench at full power to remove hundreds of lug nuts

A Power Tank is filled with CO2 from your local fire extingisher service, welding supply, or beverage carbonics shop. The CO2 vapor is constantly regenerating energy, meaning you always have a bottle pressure of 800+ psi, whether your tank is full or nearly empty.

Our Super Flow regulators have zero moving parts and are guaranteed to never freeze clog. They are the only CO2 regulators for sale with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Power Tanks are silent and do not require electricity. There are no wires to run or plumbing to install. Power is on demand and there are no duty cycles to worry about or overheating issues. Power Tanks are portable which allows you to pull your tank out and walk it down the trail to someone in need or out to the back of your property to repair a fence or construct a shed using a nail gun.

Our Power Grip Guard handle is a patented design and machined from billet aluminum. It features cut outs to hold your air hose or tools off the ground, keeping them clean. It will also protect your regulator and bottle valve from a 4 ft drop onto concrete. 

The CO2 used in a Power Tank is the same gas that you breathe out or that you would find in your favorite soda or beer. Because of the properties of liquid CO2, a Power Tank can not "explode" and there is a blow-off safety cap to prevent excess pressure build up in worst-case scenarios. 

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