4 Door Bronco Plate - Power Tank or Propane Tank mount (6th Gen 2021+)

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Two essential upgrades that should be in every Bronco that spends life in the dirt are a Power Tank and a fire extinguisher. Fortunately, our 4 Door Bronco Plate provides a mounting solution for both. 

The 4 Door Bronco Plate bolts on to the roll bar of your 4 door Bronco using simple hand tools in less than 20 minutes with no wiring to connect or air hoses to plumb. The Bronco Plate has been designed to mount 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb Power Tanks as well as 5 lb and 11 lb steel propane tanks and 6 lb and 10 lb aluminum propane tanks and their brackets. In addition, there is a spot to mount a quick-release fire extinguisher bracket and there are expansion slots for future products and accessories. 

The best part is that this bracket is STOUT. When properly mounted, you can rock the whole vehicle just by shaking your Power Tank. This gives you peace of mind when you're bombing across the open desert. The strength comes from a hardened steel frame and billet roll bar clamps. The roll bar clamps can be used on their own as a base to mount other accessories. 

The Bronco Plate does not include a Power Tank or propane tank bracket. To mount a Power Tank, you can use the Super Bracket that is standard in most 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb Power Tank packages or purchase one separately. A Quick-Release Fire Extinguisher Bracket can be added via one of the drop down options. 

NEW! Add a MOLLE Plate Extension to the front of your Bronco Plate giving you a MOLLE Compatible grid to mount even more gear! See more photos here. 

Compatibility: The Bronco Plate currently works with 4 door Broncos (2021+) with the soft top or hard top. To use this mount in a Bronco Raptor, the black reinforcement bar must be removed from the roll bar. The 2 door Bronco(21+) Plate can be found here.


  • Fits 4 door Ford Bronco (2021+)
  • Fits 5 lb Power Tank, 10 lb Power Tank, 15 lb Power Tank or 5 lb steel propane tank, 6 lb aluminum propane tank, 10 lb aluminum propane tank, 11 lb propane tank brackets (not included)
  • Fits QR Fire Extinguisher Bracket
  • Requires Power Tank Super Bracket (5 lb Super Bracket, 10 lb Super Bracket
  • Mounts to driver or passenger side (must specify when ordering)
  • Stainless steel hardware

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