BLEM - Propane Tank Bracket for 10 lb. Black Propane Tank Power Tank

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This is a blemished bracket. Powder Coated Black

Propane Tank Bracket Fits Aluminum Worthington and Trident 2.4 gal. Tank from Power Tank. Propane Tank Holder with stainless steel strap and latch with Stainless steel rivets. Great for outdoor mounts on trailers, boats, and RV's. It fits the 10 lb. Aluminum Worthington (196126) (Worthington 299889) and Trident (14100010), 2.4 gal. propane tank, 16.25 in. H x 10.25 in. OD.

If you're the type that seeks the Best of the Best for your outdoor gear this is the propane set up you need. The stainless steel bracket is great for marine use. Both the bracket and the propane tank that it fits are made of aluminum and stainless steel so it's a super lightweight set up. The tank and bracket together weighs less than 12.25 lb. (when bottle is empty). 


  • Bundle with Propane Tank for discount
  • For 10 lb. aluminum Worthington and Trident Tank
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Rubber Trim and Bumpers

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