Blow Off Caps for CO2 Bottles Power Tank

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Blow off caps for CO2 bottles from Power Tank. These safety devices are designed to fail at 3000 psi preventing damage to your Power Tank bottle, valve, or regulator from over pressurization. This is usually caused from excess heat on a full or almost full CO2 tank. The more liquid CO2 in your tank, the less room for expansion of CO2 vapor. It is very important to weigh your Power Tank before and after a fill so that you can ensure that your gas supplier did not overfill your tank. If you live in a hot climate, it is a good idea to slightly underfill your tank. 

If your blow off cap ruptures, your CO2 will vent from the bottle and you will have to replace the cap and refill your bottle. Check with your gas supplier first to see if they have one of these in stock (most of them do). Otherwise, purchase one of these from us and have them install it. A certified gas technician needs to replace this cap, otherwise you will void your warranty. 

If you are unsure of which cap you need, send a picture of the back of your valve to and we can further assist you. 

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