Air Chuck European Clip-On Power Tank

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Air Chuck European Clip-On. These European Clip-On chucks are the best clip-on chucks on the market, beware of copies and lookalikes. They are easy to use, positive attachment, and superior sealing.

One is normally open which means you can blow through it. This is the one we put on our Tire Inflators. It is identified by the black lever. 

The other is closed and won't permit air through until it is clipped onto a stem. This can not be installed on a Tire Inflator as it will cause damage. It is identified by the silver lever. This can be used with a compressor or any air source without a valve between the source and the chuck. 

The closed chuck is also available as a 13 in. long locking chuck. 

All are 1/4" FPT threads.

If your existing chuck is leaking or not engaging properly, look at our chuck rebuild kit (CHK-RKIT)

Add a 1/4" industrial plug for an easy way to connect and disconnect your chuck from your hose. 

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