Dualhead Air Chuck - Straight Forward, Angled Back Power Tank

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Dualhead Air Chuck from Power Tank. These tire chucks are key to airing up hard to reach valve stems on your dually wheels. They come in either an angled back or straight back chuck. The angled back is for most dually wheels. The straight back is for Alcoa wheels. These are also great for reaching valve stems on motorcycle wheels.

For the angled back, you have the option of a closed or open chuck. The closed chuck will hold air back until it is pressed onto a valve stem. This should be used with compressors or systems without a valve between the air source and the tire chuck. When used at the end of a tire inflator, it is important to use an open chuck so that you do not break your pressure gauge. 

The straight back is only available as an open chuck. 

All are 1/4" FPT threads

Add a 1/4" industrial plug for an easy way to connect and disconnect your chuck from your hose. 

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