Spiral Gauge for Sidearm Regulators and ARB Manifolds Power Tank

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Spiral Gauge 160 psi 1/8" NPT Back Stem. Here is a replacement gauge for your Sidearm Regulator or ARB Manifold kit. Stainless Steel case, poly carbonate lens, 1/8" NPT back stem, custom Power Tank face, waterproof, good impact resistance and vibration resistance.

The 160 psi gauge is the output pressure on your Sidearm COMP regulator and is also used on our ARB Manifold kit.

The 500 psi gauge is the output pressure on your Sidearm PRO regulator

The 3000 psi gauge is the tank pressure on your Sidearm COMP or PRO regulator.


  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Poly Carbonate Lens
  • 1/8" NPT Back Stem
  • Waterproof

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