Inverted Transfill Tank Stand for CO2 transfer

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The Inverted Transfill Tank (ITT) Stand allows you to easily refill 20 oz Power Shot and Jet Pak bottles from a 10 lb or larger Power Tank in the garage, at the job site, or from your toy hauler. The ITT Stand securely holds a 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, or 35 lb CO2 bottle upside-down so that you can transfer the liquid CO2 from the bottom of the mother bottle, through the optional Power Filler 2, to the Power Shot bottle. 

The stand assembles in two minutes and can be disassembled and packed flat for transport, if needed.

To transfill, simply invert your CO2 mother bottle in the ITT stand using the nylon webbing, connect the Power Filler 2 to the mother bottle and fill bottle, set the fill bottle on a scale, then open the valves on the mother bottle and fill bottle. You will hear the CO2 begin to flow and the CO2 will stop flowing after a certain point is reached, around 50-75% of max capacity. This is about the most you can transfill without using an in-line pump. To ensure the best fills, chill the smaller fill bottle in a freezer or bucket of ice prior to filling; CO2 will always flow to the lower pressure vessel. When chilled, you can fill to around 90% of the max capacity.

You will typically yield about 80% of the weight of your mother tank; you can transfill roughly 16 lbs of CO2 from a 20 lb CO2 tank before the liquid CO2 is used up and only CO2 vapor remains. The remaining CO2 vapor can still be used from the Mother Bottle to air up tires or run air tools. 

This stand is available as a refilling kit. Kit A comes with the ITT Stand, Power Filler 2 (CO2-2065) and a desk scale. 

Kit B comes with everything in Kit A and adds a Gloss Black 20 lb. Mother Tank (CYL-2101).

This fill station is used by Helifire for their Pyroshot systems.

Kit A:

Kit B:

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