Pneumatic Air Toggle Switches for Air Lockers Power Tank

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If you're like most offroad competitors, you'd rather have the simplicity and reliability of a total pneumatic air locker system. These are exactly what you're looking for. These air toggles include push-in compression fittings made to fit the ARB air line so hook up is a breeze. Note: ARB has recently switched from a 5 mm. line to a 6 mm. line. Please check to see which hose your ARB kit was supplied with to ensure a proper fit with the Power Tank components.

The switch has a bulkhead fitting for a clean and easy installation. You can purchase a single switch or a pair of switches. If you purchase as a pair for a front and rear locker, one switch will have a split output to the other switch so you only have to run one line from your air source.

Pair your switches with a pressure release valve assembly (ARB-0120) for an easy, complete solution to running your air lockers off of a Power Tank.

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