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The Power Pack is the perfect companion to your Power Tank. It packs in all our most popular accessories and you save big time by bundling them all together! 

The Power Pack includes a Pro Series Tire Repair Kit, a Master Blaster Blow Gun Kit, Power Wrench for quick removal of your regulator, a Super Scale to weigh your remaining CO2, and packs it all into a ballistic nylon bag with enough space for your hose* and Ventoso Tire Inflator*! (*sold separately)

Portability is one of the defining features of a Power Tank and that benefit is upgraded when you also have all your tools in one place. You can more easily move your Power Tank from vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to the garage, or vehicle to the job site when you can carry everything in one trip. 

All these accessories would cost nearly $200 when bought separately so save big and get everything at once! These are all the tools we don't leave home without and you shouldn't either. 


  • Pro Series Tire Repair Kit
  • Master Blaster Blow Gun Kit
  • Power Wrench
  • Super Scale
  • Dr. Bag

Save $43 by bundling!

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