Pro Eagle Phoenix Air Jack to Power Tank adapter

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This is the fruit of our latest collaboration with the makers of the finest off-road jacks on the market, Pro Eagle. This simple adapter screws into the New Phoenix Air Jack regulator and allows you to use your Power Tank to power the CO2 jack instead of the small, disposable cartridges. 

The red anodized billet adapter can be hand tightened with the grippy knurled surface and will connect to any coupler that accepts a 1/4" industrial plug. This includes both the Power Flow 3 and Super Coupler including with any Power Tank system purchase. 

Using a Power Tank with your Phoenix Air Jack is simple:

  1. Set up your jack underneath the control arm of your SxS
  2. Screw the adapter into the Pro Eagle blue regulator
  3. Plug your Power Tank hose into the adapter
  4. Open your Power Tank's Super Flow Regulator to 200 psi
  5. Operate the Pro Eagle blue regulator as normal

This adapter is compatible with the Pro Eagle Phoenix Air Jack  which can safely lift up to 2000 lb. This product is for SxS only and is not recommended for your Jeep or other full-size 4x4. The adapter is made of anodized billet aluminum and can be left in the Pro Eagle blue regulator after use but may not fit in the storage case without modification of the foam. 

Phoenix Air Jack sold separately.

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