Propane Tank Bracket for 17 lb and 22 lb Viking Composite Propane Tank

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Mounting Bracket for Viking Composite Propane Tank from Power Tank. This marine-grade mounting bracket is the best way to carry Viking Propane Cylinders on your RV, trailer, or boat. The two straps hold the tank securely over rough, washboard roads or choppy sea water. 

Viking Composite Propane Cylinders are a new, lightweight way to carry large amounts of propane with you on your boat, RV, trailer, or vehicle. They are a three-layer composite construction which means they are lightweight, strong, and do not corrode. A 22 lb. Viking Composite tank has a full weight of 34 lb. Compare this to a steel 20 lb. BBQ-style propane tank which has a full weight of 37 lb. while carrying two lb. less of propane. Viking Composite tanks come in 11 lb, 17 lb, 22 lb, and 31 lb. sizes but this propane tank holder only fits the 17 lb and 22 lb Viking Composite Propane Cylinders.

All brackets come powdercoated satin black for an added layer of protection and durability. 


  • Marine-Grade Construction
  • Thick Rubber Trim
  • Fits the 17 and 22 lb. Viking Propane Cylinders
  • Propane Tank not included
  • This product is not compatible with Power Tank roll bar clamps or Power Tank Power Plate
  • Weight: 4.4 lb.
  • Dim: 7.6"x12.8"x11"

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