Power Shot 160 psi Sidearm CO2 Regulator Comp Series Power Tank

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CO2 Regulator 160 psi Sidearm Comp Series Power Tank. The Sidearm Comp Series Regulator is designed to fit onto all paintball-style On/Off bottle valves (323).

This is a low pressure regulator with a maximum output pressure of 160 psi. The advantage to our low pressure regulator is that it maintains a more steady pressure. This is more important in certain applications like trail ARB lockers, nail guns, paint guns, etc. The dual gauges show your inlet pressure and your set outlet pressure. The aluminum body features deep heat fins to absorb heat faster in high flow applications.

The knurled knob features a tight rubber seal to keep the guts and threads clean and dry in harsh outdoor environments.

Uses industrial style Quick Release 6-ball coupler. Limited lifetime warranty

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