Super Flow CO2 Regulator Kit - HP250i Comp Series Power Tank

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The key to Power Tank performance is the Super Flow Regulator. This HP250i is the latest version of the tried and true regulator that we’ve been using for over 20 years and will screw on to just about any CO2 bottle manufactured in the US to give you all the Power Tank performance you’d expect on your own or an exchanged bottle.

If your main source of CO2 is a gas supplier that only does tank exchanges and not refills, this is the kit you need. Rent a 5, 10, 15, or 20 lb CO2 tank and install the Power Grip Guard and Regulator yourself at home. When the bottle is empty, bring it back to your supplier to exchange for a filled tank, just like you would your 20lb propane tank.

Power Tank regulators are designed to never freeze clog, unlike most CO2 regulators on the market. They boast a 45 cfm flow rate at a maximum outlet pressure of 250 psi which is higher than most air tools need. This will allow you to inflate tires faster than anyone else on the trail, reseat up to 46 inch tires, and run impacts at full power to remove even the most stubborn nuts and bolts. Compare this to a top-end portable air compressor with a 4.65 cfm flow rate at 29 psi with a max pressure output of 150 psi.

With a simple changeout of the CO2 nut/nipple assembly with an N2 nut/nipple assembly or by using a CO2 to N2 converter, this can also function as a Nitrogen regulator. Now you can attach this regulator to your nitrogen tank if you need to tune your shocks. Check out our N2 Shock Inflator Tool (SIG-5600) for the best in shock inflation and tuning. If you’d like to use this regulator solely for N2, choose the ‘N2 Only’ option from the drop down list. If you’d like to switch between CO2 and N2 as the source of air, choose the ‘dual gas’ option. With this option, the regulator will have the standard CO2 nut/nipple assembly and a separate adapter (FIT-0002) that will fit in between the regulator and N2 valve when using Nitrogen.

The Power Flow 3 is an automatic locking 8-ball coupler and comes standard.  The Super Coupler has a universal fit for five plug types and a built-in pressure shut-off which makes switching between air tools a breeze, even with 250 psi in the hose.

The Power Grip Guard Handle and Power Tank regulator both have a limited lifetime warranty. The hose comes with a 2 year warranty.

This complete kit includes

  • Super Flow HP250i regulator
  • Solid aluminum Power Grip Guard to protect the regulator
  • 30 Foot High Pressure Hose with coupler and fittings
  • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 250 psi
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 45 cfm
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Note: Warranty void if you are not using our Power Grip Guard. The regulator will not be sold without an accompanying Power Grip Guard.