Rubber Bumpers for Brackets

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Whether you need to replace the rubber trim on your bracket or you simply need some top quality material for a DIY project, look no further.

These real rubber bumpers come in different sizes so make sure you check below for which you need. 

A: 1/8 inch height pull through

B: 1/8 inch height adhesive back

C: 5/16 inch height pull through

D: 5/16 inch height acrylic adhesive back

10 lb and 15 lb Power Bracket - BKT-2282 and BKT 2292 -  C qty 7

5 lb Propane Bracket - BKT-2285 -  C qty 4 & D qty 2

11 lb Propane Bracket - BKT-2286 - B qty 3

20 lb Propane Bracket - BKT-2290 - C qty 9

Viking Propane Bracket - BKT-2291 - D qty 9

6 lb Propane Bracket - BKT-2287 - See Rubber Feet

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