Snorkel Tube Upgrade for Horizontal Power Tank Use

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This product can ONLY be installed at our main Power Tank facility in Lodi, CA. You can NOT install this. Your local Power Tank dealer can NOT install this. You must purchase a new Power Tank cylinder OR send your existing Power Tank bottle in to have the snorkel tube installed. NO EXCEPTIONS. $10 reading comprehension fee will apply to all cancelled snorkel tube orders. See below for details regarding an existing Power Tank retrofit. 

The Snorkel Tube is a Power Tank upgrade that allows you to use your Power Tank while it's mounted horizontally on its side as well as vertically standing up. The Snorkel Tube looks like a bent straw and pulls CO2 vapor from the top of the bottle, instead of liquid CO2 on the bottom. The Snorkel Tube is also fixed and can only be installed and used in one "clock position."

This is not a user installable part. We will either install this for you in a new Power Tank purchase or you can ship your existing Power Tank to us for install. No exceptions. See note below for further instructions. 

When adding a Snorkel Tube to your Power Tank, you must choose a "clock position" or choose which way will be "up" when your Power Tank is on its side. If your Power Tank is horizontal but the Snorkel Tube is not facing "up" then you can allow liquid CO2 into your valve and regulator. This is harmful to your components and may void your warranty.

When looking at your Power Tank from a top down view, with your regulator facing away from you, your regulator is said to be at 12 o'clock. If your Snorkel Tube is clocked at 12 o'clock then, when using your Power Tank horizontally, the regulator must be pointing to the sky. If your Snorkel Tube is clocked at 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock, then the regulator will be pointing directly left or right when in use. At 6 o'clock, your regulator will be facing toward the ground. The diagrams to the left show a Snorkel Tube clocked at 12 o'clock. Once installed, you cannot change the direction of orientation without sending your bottle back to us. Think carefully about how you will use your Power Tank and which orientation will make it easiest to use.

How it works: The CO2 stored in a Power Tank is in a liquid state under pressure, unlike other compressed gases like N2. This liquid takes up about 70% of the capacity of the bottle when full, with the remaining 30% taken up by vapor. This is a benefit of CO2 as it means there is more usable energy in the same physical space compared to compressed air. It also means that you have to be careful not to let the liquid CO2 flow through your valve and regulator as it can cause pressure spikes and damage components.

Picture a water bottle. When you open the top, you hold the bottle vertically because if you held it on its side, the water would flow out and make a mess. With a Snorkel Tube installed in you Power Tank, this is no longer a worry and you can both mount and use your Power Tank in a vertical or horizontal position or any angle in between.

Note: This is not a user-installable nor a standalone part. You must add this to your cart in addition to any Power Tank system or spare bottle. If you wish to install this in your existing Power Tank, you must ship the bottle to us where we will install the Snorkel Tube and ship it back to you. Customer must pay for shipping both ways. 

If you are sending us your Power Tank cylinder for a retrofit, please read and follow these directions very carefully. 

  1. Add this to item to your cart and finish the checkout process.
  2. Note your order number and write it on a piece of paper along with your name, ship to address, and a phone number. Alternatively, print out your order confirmation email. Put this in the box with your tank. 
  3. Pack your cylinder carefully in a box and ship it to us. Address below. We must receive the cylinder to our address within 10 business days of check out or your order will be cancelled and we will issue a refund minus a 10% processing charge. Power Tank is not responsible for any damages occurring during shipping.
  4. Once we receive your cylinder, we will check it with the online order we received from you and begin work on installing the snorkel tube.

Expect a turnaround time of 24-48 hours but it may take longer. Please call us after finishing your order if it is time sensitive and we will do our best to accommodate. This is not a guarantee. 

Mail your cylinder to:

Power Tank
Attn: Snorkel Tube Upgrade
43 Commerce St.
Ste 103
Lodi, CA 95240

The snorkel tube is a non-reversible process and is not eligible for refund or return. 

If you are sending your tank in to have the snorkel installed, we may call you to adjust shipping costs. 

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