Stiffy Regulator Coupler Upgrade - 10" Stainless Steel Braided Power Flow 3 Coupler Extension

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The Stiffy is our solution for the Power Tank power user who really puts their equipment through its paces. It is a 10 in. flexible stainless steel braided line extension which sits between your regulator and the Power Flow 3 coupler that you plug your Power Tank hose in to. If you have used your Power Tank for an extended period, you may have noticed a small bit of leaking through the standard regulator coupler. This is from the cold temperatures of CO2 hardening the rubber seal within the coupler, causing it to leak when you pull the hose to one side. 

With the Stiffy installed, instead of being fixed, the coupler can now follow the hose and keep in line, preventing the side-pull leak. Not only that, our latest Power Flow 3 coupler packs in great features like an 8-ball lock for holding strength at high pressures. Most off-the-shelf couplers have only a 3 or 4-ball lock and are not as secure. Additionally, the PF3 coupler is an all aluminum construction with machined heat fins for greater heat transfer. 

The Stiffy can be installed in any Power Tank Super Flow regulator. Simply remove the standard coupler and install this one in its place. The coupler comes installed with teflon tape so you don't have to worry about thread sealant. Due to incompatible threads, you can not reuse your existing NPT Male threaded coupler on the end of the Stiffy hose which requires a FPT Female threaded coupler. 

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