Racer Series - 100 psi Calibrated Digital Ventoso Tire Inflator

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NEW! All Ventoso Tire Inflator Gauges now come standard with the Hi-Pressure Push-On Chuck V2 (HiPPO2). The new HiPPO2 features a shallower bite depth to fit on shorter valve stems such as metal TPMS and Apex Rapid Precision Valves (RPV) as well as a narrower nose to fit in to recessed valve stem holes like you'll see on some off-road wheels. The new ridged collar design allows you to more easily grip the chuck with gloved hands or in cold weather. It has a 1000 psi working pressure with a simple to use push-on, pull-off engagement and it is fully rebuildable. 

When your collection of tire gauges all read differently and you don't know which reading to trust, trust the Racer Series Ventoso Tire Inflator. The Racer Series features a 0-100 digital gauge accurate to 0.25 psi and each gauge is individually tested and comes with a certificate of accuracy. 

This feature-packed tire inflator gauge was designed with racers in mind. The back-lit gauge is accurate to +/-0.25 psi and reads PSI, kPA, BAR, and even ambient temperature in deg F. The gauge will even read elevation changes with a function to zero the gauge when you arrive at the racetrack. It carries its stock calibration in memory so you can reset it back to factory at any time. If you are using this gauge for testing of pressure systems, you can change the backlight and screen off timers. The rubber boot surrounding the gauge protects it in case of accidental drops. The battery meter on the gauge tells you how much life is remaining in the included 9v battery.

A gauge this serious needs a body to match and there's no better pairing than the latest gen Ventoso Tire Inflator body. The unique design features higher flow internals, dual XL bleed buttons reachable from either hand, a brass piston, and tear-resistant EPDM o-rings. The durable design is designed to last with rebuildable components to stand the test of time. The two foot stainless steel braided hose whip is long enough to stand up while airing up, saving your knees. The Hi-Pressure Push-On air chuck at the end offers push-on and pull-off simplicity with twice the gripping strength of clip-on tire chucks. 

When fractions of a PSI mean fractions of a second gain or lost on the track or you simply want the best of the best, there's only one choice. 

For added safety when working with beadlock wheels or potentially damaged tires, we recommend the Racer Safety Series Tire Inflator with an extended six foot hose whip for "Stand Away" safety. 

Every Power Tank tire inflator is fully rebuildable and each one comes with a five year warranty. 

The optional Ammo Bag case is quick and compact while the zipper pouch is larger and can store additional tools. The zipper pouch also has an internal divider to keep your tools organized or keep the hose separate from the body. 


  • 0-100 psi Digital Gauge
  • +/- 0.25 psi accuracy
  • Battery Level on Display
  • 9v battery included
  • Back-Lit Screen
  • 2 ft Steel Braided Whip
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • Ventoso Body
  • Five Year Warranty

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