Double Barrel - Pro Eagle Edition Power Shot Trigger - SXS One Bottle CO2 Air Up System Power Tank

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The Double Barrel - Pro Eagle Edition Power Shot is a must-have accessory for any Side by Side whether you use your car for sport, racing, hunting, or doing work around your property. This kit packs two essential recovery tools on a compact mount neatly on your roll bar providing easy access and freeing up precious cargo space for other tools and equipment. 

This kit includes a complete Power Shot Trigger system with mount, billet Roll Bar Clamps, Power Shot Upgrade Kit with a Pro-Eagle Adapter, a Quick Release Bracket, and a tire repair kit. You can mount a Pro Eagle Phoenix CO2 Jack or a 2.5 lb Fire Extinguisher to the Quick Release Bracket (both sold separately). 

With an upgraded Power Shot Trigger System you can air up tires and reseat tire beads instantly with the Tire Air Chuck Attachment, blow out sand and dirt from your cabin and CVT housing with the Blow Gun Attachment, and power your Pro Eagle Phoenix Jack with the Pro Eagle Adapter. This is all from a 20 oz CO2 bottle which is smaller than a bottle of wine but can air up Six 29 inch UTV tires adding 10 psi to each. If you're supplying portable air for your group, you can add a spare 20 oz bottle to double your tire fills. 

The Pro Eagle Phoenix CO2 Jack is a slim profile bottle jack that uses CO2 to operate. It normally uses 20 gram disposable CO2 cartridges but with the Pro Eagle Adapter in this kit, you can run it off of your Power Shot Trigger. Since the Phoenix Jack has its own built-in pressure release, you can lift a punctured tire in the air, then safely disconnect your Power Shot from the jack while the tire is in the air. Once the tire puncture has been plugged with the included tire repair kit, air the tire back up with your Power Shot and get back to riding. 

We supply two sets of hose clamps for the Quick Release bracket in this kit, if you would prefer to carry a 2.5 lb fire extinguisher side by side with your Power Shot Trigger. The hose clamps will fit fire extinguishers from 2 1/16" to 3 1/2". The Quick Release bracket features a bright red fabric pull and the stainless steel pin is on a steel lanyard. In an emergency, there's no fumbling with where or what to pull or worrying about losing your pin in the dirt. This bracket can also be operated with one hand. 

When all the fun has been had and your Power Shot is empty, take it to your nearest sporting goods or paintball shop and refill it for about $4 a piece. Two sizes of roll bar clamps fit any round tubing between 1.5 and 2.5 inch in diameter. Make sure to choose the correct option when adding to your cart.


  • 20 oz Power Shot bottle with pin valve
  • Power Trigger Regulator
  • Power Shot Upgrade Kit
  • 20 oz  Power Shot Bracket
  • Quick Release Bracket with hose clamps for 2.062" to 3.5" dia
  • Tire Repair Kit
  • Pair of Billet Roll Bar Clamps (1.5" to 2.5")
  • Pro Eagle Phoenix CO2 Jack and Fire Extinguisher sold separately