20oz Extra CO2 Bottle Power Tank

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20oz Extra CO2 Bottle from Power Tank. Don't run out of CO2 in the middle of a job. An extra bottle is cheap insurance to ensure you don't run out of air when you really need it.

The simple pin valve is for kits with a trigger regulator like our PTM-0125. The high-end on/off valve is for kits with a Sidearm adjustable regulator such as those starting with PS01 or PT01. Make sure to choose the correct valve when ordering because they are not cross-compatible. 

Need more air? Get a four pack for extra savings. 

Bundling your extra bottle(s) with a case (BAG-6101) or carry bag (BAG-0640) will save you money and keep everything neat and organized. 

Note: We recommend using a valve protector at all times as one drop without one will ruin the valve. All of our 20 oz. bottles come with a valve protector.

  • Powdercoated Matte Black
  • Includes Pin Valve or On/Off valve
  • Includes valve protector