All-in-One Tire Repair Kit with Mini Power Tank CO2 Air Source

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Stick one of these All-in-One Tire Repair Kits in every car you own. You never know when it could end up saving your bacon. Everything you need to plug a tire is included in this kit including a CO2 air source.

Instead of sitting stranded on the side of the road, twiddling your thumbs until help arrives (if you're even in an area where help is available), fix that tire, air it up, and get back on the road in less than twenty minutes.

Use the included pliers to pull the cause of the flat out of your tire, widen the hole with the reamer, and push a plug in to stop the leak. Once that's done, screw the trigger onto the 20 oz CO2 bottle, hold it onto the valve stem, and pull the trigger. You'll air up even large SUV tires in seconds. Clean up and get back on the road in less time than it takes a service truck to leave the shop.

When you've aired up 3-5 tires and the bottle is empty, simply bring it to a sporting goods or paintball shop to get refilled for about $4.

This portable kit is essential if you don't have a spare tire on your street rod. Even if you do have a spare tire, they're never at the right pressure when you need them most. Use the CO2 bottle to top them off before you merge back into traffic.


  • Matte Black
  • Power Trigger Regulator tire air and tire repair kit
  • Hose and chuck
  • Digital tire pressure gauge
  • 20 oz.bottle (pin valve)
  • Zippered Storage Bag
  • Mini Plug Kit (Upgrade to Pro-Series Tire Repair Kit for $44)