Pro Series Tire Repair Kit

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This Pro Series Tire Repair Kit is Power Tank's rebuttal to the low quality products that have flooded the market. This Tire Repair Kit has everything you need to plug a hole in your tire and more while using premium materials and tools.

The first thing you'll notice about our kit is the rugged ballistic nylon case. It is abrasion resistant and built to stand the test of time. While others use bulky plastic cases that are hard to find space for, our race-inspired compact kit uses extra-secure velcro straps to cinch the case super tight. The back of the kit features MOLLE straps to be able to attach to a PALS panel for quick access, keeping it from being buried under tools and other recovery gear. We even added a loop velcro strip to the front to display your patches for a bit of customization. 

Open up the case and you'll unfold two flaps meant to increase your work area, helping keep your tools out of the dirt. Speaking of, the tools are all metal. We reduced plastic as much as possible. Everything from the reamer and needle tool, to the full-sized pair of needle-nose pliers, and even the utility knife feature an all-metal construction. There's nothing worse than a tool breaking on you mid-way through a tire repair.

The Tire Repair Kit packs 30 brown plugs, the top choice of leading recovery experts. A tire pressure gauge, bottle of lube, and rubber valve stem are also included in the kit. Illustrated and written instructions are clear and easy to follow. 

The Pro-Series Tire Repair Kit also packs in a few extras that you won't find in other kits.

First is a dual-purpose valve core removal tool and screw on tire deflator. While we still recommend carrying a set of purpose built tire deflators like our Automatic Deflators or Monster Valves, this works great in a pinch and is a much better option that using a stick or rock you pick up on the trail.

Second is the Power Tank Rescue Valve. This handy device deserves its own listing but the short version is, this can replace a damaged valve stem in 5 min. by installing from the outside of the wheel. One is included but you can add extras at a discount (list: $11.95/ea)

Third is a length of steel wire. This is used to repair sidewall tears. Use the pliers to poke it through the tire and stitch up the tear, then fill the remaining gaps with plugs. We've repaired 6 inch tears and driven home (see images).

Spares and replacements are available here. This is a kit you hope to never use, but you sure are glad you have it when you need it most. 

Click here to watch a real-world tire puncture repair.

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