Monster Valves

We have made changes and upgrades to every component on the original Power Tank to get super fast tire inflation speeds. The only thing we couldn't upgrade was your stock valve stem. Until now. 

Monster Valves are an oversized secondary valve stem you install in your wheels. They make the fastest tire inflation system on the market even faster. Imagine airing down a 39.5 x 13.50 tire down 30 PSI in 30 seconds. This kit also includes a Monster Chuck which, when used with a Power Tank, will inflate that same tire in 40-50 seconds. 

We machine our Monster Valves out of 7075 aluminum to be extremely tough and they are so light that your tires don't need rebalancing after install. If you have bigger tires, Monster Valves are essential trail equipment. 

The Monster Valve 1 & 2 function exactly the same; the difference is in how they are installed. The Monster Valve 1 requires drilling and tapping a 7/16 hole in your rim and does not necessitate tire removal for install. The Monster Valve 2 requires you to remove the tire in order to install the back nut. It also needs a larger surface area for mounting both on the inside and outside of the wheel.