Single Monster Valve 3 Tire Deflator Power Tank

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Monster Valve Tire Deflator from Power Tank. Monster Valves are over sized, light-weight, yet strong valve stems that you install as a second stem to your wheel. Made from 7018 aluminum, they are the fastest tire deflation and inflation product on the market. 

Imagine airing down a 40"x13.5"x17" tire from 35 psi down to 10 psi in under 30 sec. This kit also includes a Monster Chuck which, when used with a Power Tank, will inflate that same tire in 50-60 sec. 

They are easy to install into steel or aluminum wheels. Just drill a 1/2" hole and tighten them from the back using the Monster Key included with every four or five pack kit. Unlike the Monster Valve 1, these can not be installed with the tire mounted but, because you do not need to tap your wheel, the install is much easier.

With an aluminum body and collar and brass cap the total weight of each valve is a mere 1.6 oz. and does not require a tire rebalancing. Due to its construction it is 5 times stiffer than a standard metal valve.

This is intended as a spare and does not include the installation Monster Key or a Monster Chuck


  • 7018 Aluminum body
  • Aluminum Collar
  • Aluminum Dust Cap
  • Brass Lower with Rubber Seal

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