Nitrogen Regulator Kit for Shocks Power Tank

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Nitrogen Regulator Kit for Shocks from Power Tank. Nitrogen shocks are becoming more common on race and non-race vehicles and with that comes the need for tools that allow owners to service and adjust them. Here's a very simple and affordable regulator kit designed just for nitrogen.

This SuperFlow PRO Series regulator is different than the one that comes on our Power Tank CO2 systems in that it comes built with a nitrogen nut/nipple assembly. All you do is supply the tank of nitrogen from your local gas supplier. The high pressure braided air hose is 30 ft. long to reach all shocks and is hard mounted to the regulator for a leak-free connection. Outlet pressure is adjustable from 0-400 psi.

The two gauges give you the tank pressure and the outlet pressure. At the end of the hose is a high pressure industrial-style coupler.

We recommend bundling your N2 regulator with one of our shock inflation tools. The bundle will also include a Power Wrench with an opening for the no-air-loss chuck on the shock inflator and one for the N2 nut/nipple assembly on the regulator. This means you can go from shock to shock easier and if your N2 bottle runs low, swapping to the next full tank is quick and painless.

If you have a hard to reach or recessed Schrader valve, add a Schrader Valve Extension.

If you have IFP (internal floating piston) shocks that fill with a needle we have them (SIG-5000) and they work well with all of our shock inflators.


  • Dual Gauge
  • 0-400 psi
  • High Pressure Industrial Style Coupler
  • 30 ft. Hose
  • Nitrogen Nut/Nipple Assembly

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