Shock Inflator with Gauge Power Tank

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Shock Inflator with Gauge from Power Tank. Get a professional shock inflator tool at an affordable price. Our Shock Inflator has quickly become the industry favorite shock service tool. We designed it with features that others do not have like true USA made No Air Loss (NAL) chucks that do not leak because even the smallest leak can cause you to pull out your hair trying to get the exact shock pressure.

We attach this to a very supple high pressure air hose so getting the NAL chuck on that hidden schrader valve is easier. The hose is attached to an ergonomically shaped machined aluminum grip with our own micro adjust air valve. A durable and accurate gauge is mounted atop the grip.

Steve recommends you get the Power Wrench (CO2-WREN) to make installing and removing the NAL chuck easier. Just connect your N2 to the bottom of the grip, attach the NAL chuck on your shock, open the red micro valve adding just the amount of pressure, remove the NAL chuck and move on. Easy.

If you have IFP (internal floating piston) shocks that fill with a needle we have them (SIG-5000) and they work well with all of our shock inflators.

If you have a hard to reach or recessed Schrader valve, add a Schrader Valve Extension.


  • 300 psi Digital Gauge or 500 psi Liquid Analog
  • No Air Loss Chuck
  • 3 ft. HP Line
  • Includes EVA protective case

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