Tire Deflators

First we revolutionized airing up after a trail. Now, we make airing down just as easy. For highway driving, your tires should be at their optimal pressure to hold the load stable at speed while keeping rolling resistance low for increased MPGs. When you get off the highway and onto the trail you air down your tires to increase their footprint. This has huge benefits for traction and being able to grab onto and climb over big obstacles. 

Our automatic deflators take the guess work out of airing down. Pre set them to the desired pressure at home. When you get to the trailhead, screw them onto your valve stems and let them work. If you're careful, you can even drive (slowly) with them on. They shut off automatically when your tires are at the perfect pressure. 

Don't want to wait? Our Monster Valves and Mini Monster Valves give you 1 psi / second deflation times for tires 35 inches or taller. They are installed in your wheels separately from your valve stem which allows you to check pressure and air down simultaneously. We recommend one of our Tire Pressure Gauges with large, easy to read gauges since most other pressure gauges are too slow to keep up. The Monster Valves also allow air up times at the same 1 psi / second speeds when used with a Power Tank. Essential equipment if you're running tires over 37 inches.

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