Big Kahuna Analog - Ventoso Tire Inflator with Gauge, 6 ft. Hose, and Quick-Switch Chucks

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We pulled out all the stops for the Big Kahuna. We dare you to find a tire that this tire inflator won't work on. We source each piece individually to make sure we are getting the highest end components that we can get our hands on, then assemble them by hand in our shop.

Built on the new Ventoso Tire Inflator Body, this Big Kahuna boasts a higher flow rate and dual bleed buttons for fast and accurate tire fills. The body is of our own design and features a brass piston and EPDM O-rings that won't tear when faced with the higher pressures (up to 400 psi) that a Power Tank puts out. The whole unit is rebuildable for years of use. Comes with our five year warranty.

The analog gauges are silicone filled for added durability against vibration damage. Silicone also performs better in cold temperatures inherent in CO2 use. You have a choice between a 0-60 and a 0-160 psi digital gauge. With a wider range, the 160 psi gauge is more versatile at the expense of accuracy (+/-1.2 psi vs +/-3.2 psi). 

The six foot steel-braided safety whip allows you to stand off to the side while inflating your tires which keeps you safe in case of a tire or wheel malfunction. With increased tire pressures comes increased danger in the event of a tire failure. Damaged tires can lead to very dangerous situations while airing up. It also allows you to stand up fully, saving you from having to crouch down near your tire during inflation.

The three quick-switch air chucks connect to the hose using a quick-release coupler. You can switch from the general purpose Hi-Pressure Push-On (HiPPO) chuck to the dual-head angle back for dually wheels or to the dual-head straight back for Alcoa wheels in seconds. The dual-head chucks are also great for accessing motorcycle wheels.

The optional protective case has a divider to keep the body separate from the hose and chucks. 


  • 0-60 or 0-160 psi analog gauge
  • Three chucks included: HP push-on, dual head angle, dual head straight
  • Safety Series 6 ft. Steel Braided Whip with Quick-Switch Coupler
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • Ventoso Body
  • Five year warranty

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