Long Haul - 0-160 psi Analog Ventoso Tire Inflator

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This is the Long Haul 0-160 psi liquid analog tire inflator. Originally designed for RVs and Motorhomes with higher pressure tires, the Long Haul is key in keeping your tires properly inflated for the longest life and to prevent you being stranded with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Driving on under inflated tires generates excessive heat and will damage the tires. 

The Long Haul Safety Series is built on the latest gen Ventoso Tire Inflator body. The Ventoso is unique to Power Tank and features higher flow internals and a pressure cast body for extreme durability. The 2 ft stainless steel hose whip is long enough to allow you to stand while airing up, saving your knees. Two bleed buttons are easy to reach with either hand and help you get precision tire pressures. We use brass pistons and EPDM O-Rings that won't tear when faced with the higher pressures that a Power tank puts out (up to 400 psi), though it will work with any air source. All this results in super tight tolerances in the finished product which means years of leak free usage.

The 160 psi gauge is filled with silicone and has a protective rubber boot. This is to protect the internals from vibration and drops. We use silicone because it doesn't slow down in cold weather, unlike cheaper glycerin filled gauges. It is accurate to +/- 3.2 psi. For increased accuracy, see our Work Horse with a 150 psi digital gauge. It is accurate to +/- 1.5 psi.

Ventoso Tire Inflators are also built with Hi-Pressure Push-On chucks as standard. They offer push-on and pull-off simplicity with double the grip strength on your valve stems. 

Every Power Tank tire inflator is fully rebuildable and each one comes with a five year warranty.

The optional Ammo Bag case is quick and compact while the zipper pouch is larger and can store additional tools. The zipper pouch also has an internal divider to keep your tools organized or keep the hose separate from the body. 


  • 0-160 psi Liquid Analog Gauge
  • +/- 3.2 psi Accuracy
  • 2 ft Steel Braided Whip
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • Ventoso Body
  • Five Year Warranty

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