Power Shot Trigger

Power Tank on built Can Am X3 Overland SxS

What is a Power Shot?

Our Power Shot Trigger line is the perfect, compact solution for on-board air for Side by Sides. Utilizing 20 oz CO2 bottles roughly the same size as a bottle of wine, you'll be able to air up seven (29) inch SxS tires. For other tire sizes, refer to our tire air up chart, here. With one of our dual bottle kits, that number doubles. Now you have enough CO2 to fix flat tires, reseat tires, operate a CO2 jack, and blow out your CVT housing, all from one Power Shot Trigger system that mounts cleanly to your roll bar.

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Why use a Power Shot Trigger?

The compressors on the market that are small enough to install on your SxS are slow, noisy, and nearly impossible to mount hidden away from the elements. The last thing you want on a trail ride is a flat tire AND a broken air compressor. Plus, they're unitaskers. You already have limited space on your car. Why limit it more with a bulky, single-use tool?

Power Shot Trigger mounts cleanly to your stock or aftermarket roll bar, requires no electricity, has no moving parts to fail, and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The standard Power Shot Trigger utilizes the full bottle pressure of CO2 (up to 500 psi) which means your tire inflations happen in seconds, not minutes, and there is plenty of flow to reseat any tire. You can even use it to blow the sand and dirt out of your car before loading it into the trailer to go home. It works silently which makes it ideal for hunters. To use it, remove the bottle from your bracket or soft bag, hold the air chuck on your valve stem, then squeeze the trigger. It's that simple.

Power Shot Trigger on Can Am X3 Roll Bar

What else can a Power Shot Trigger do?

Power Shot powering a Pro Eagle Phoenix CO2 jack to lift a sxs tire

With the optional Power Shot Upgrade Kit, you add even more utility to your Power Shot Trigger. The Power Shot Upgrade Kit adds a Quick Switch Coupler to the end of your line allowing the use of different attachments. The standard air chuck performs all of the functions above. The Blow Gun Extension gives you a rigid fine point that extends from 8 inches to 12 inches to reach way back in your CVT housing and blow sand and silt from the back of the case out, instead of blowing more debris into the housing. The last attachment allows you to operate your Pro Eagle Phoenix CO2 Jack with your refillable Power Shot instead of single use 20 gram cartridges.

You can hard mount your Power Shot Trigger to your roll bar or carry it with you in a soft bag. Included in all Power Shot kits is a mini tire repair kit that is upgradeable to a Pro-Series Tire Repair Kit if you want to be truly prepared for anything the trail can throw at you.

Like our full-size Power Tank systems, once you get a Power Shot Trigger in your hand, you'll think of all kinds of tasks made easier having a truly portable air system. Blowing off camera equipment, cleaning firearms, blowing out sprinkler lines, cleaning up after a camping trip, clearing your gutters, the possibilities are limited by your imagination. The portable nature of the Power Shot also makes it ideal for airing up the odd-sized tires at home: motorcycles, strollers, wagons, wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, the list goes on.

How do you refill a Power Shot Trigger?

To refill, bring it over to your neighborhood paintball, air soft, or sporting goods store. Average cost is $4-5 a fill. We also have refilling equipment if you'd like to have a way to refill your Power Shot bottles from a larger CO2 tank at home or in your trailer. The CO2 will last indefinitely in the bottle if you need to store your SxS for a few months.

Have anything bigger?

Need even more? More CO2, more utility, more adjustability? Our 5 lb Power Tank system holds four times the amount of CO2 of a single Power Shot Trigger bottle and features our Super Flow Adjustable Regulator. With a max output of 250psi, you're able to run ANY air tool at full power and air up larger tires. If you use your SxS for real work, you won't find a better all-in-one air system than a Power Tank. Air up low tractor tires, run an impact wrench, fix the fence at the back of your property. Up to 45 cfm flow rate and a max output pressure of 250 psi with no wires to hook up and a silent operation. No other air system beats a Power Tank for portability, reliability, and power.

Our 5 lb Power Tank SxS Edition is your easy, one-and-done kit that bundles a complete 5 lb Power Tank system with a roll bar mounting system and crucial accessories like a Tire Inflator with Gauge (TIG), Pro Eagle Jack Adaptor, and a Pro-Series Tire Repair Kit.

Using a 5 lb Power Tank to air up a SxS RZR tire

But wait! There's more!

Rounding out our SxS line are a few additional accessories that will really take your adventure to the next level. Our Quick Release Bracket is machined 6061-T6 aluminum and fits both 2.5 lb Fire Extinguishers and Pro Eagle's Phoenix CO2 Jack. Available in anodized silver or black.

For those that want the convenience of refilling their Power Shot bottles at home or from their trailer, we have our Power Filler CO2 refilling tools. Use a 10, 15, or 20 lb Power Tank to refill on the go.

And if you want all this Power Shot goodness but would rather keep it tucked away instead of mounted to your car, we have the Power Shot Trigger available in a padded zipper bag. This kit is also great to keep in your daily drivers.

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