Power Tank is the #1 on-board air system for your Jeep

Amphibian Jeep TJ with Candy Blue Power Tank

What is a Power Tank?

A Power Tank is a powerful, portable, on-board-air system for your Jeep or 4x4. Instead of a mechanical compressor with many potential failure points, a Power Tank utilizes the energy of liquid CO2 to deliver a rapid supply of air in a system with no moving parts to fail in the field. While the refillable supply of CO2 in a Power Tank is finite, you will be amazed at the amount of work it can do. While there are multiple sizes of Power Tanks, our most popular 10 lb Power Tank can air up (18) 35" tires from 15 psi to 30 psi and each tire is aired up in just 30 seconds. For other tire sizes and other Power Tank capacities see our full tire air up chart, here. You'll also see charts for impact wrench use and nail gun use. With a high flow (45 cfm) and a high pressure (250 psi), Power Tanks can power any air tool with ease. Power Tanks can also be used to reseat tires and clean out equipment with high-flow air.

Why use a Power Tank?

Compressors use electricity to drive an electric pump to create compressed air. They are noisy, generate a lot of heat, and they have multiple failure points, from your electrical connections to the internal mechanical workings. If they malfunction in the field, you are a sitting duck. Plus, they're unitaskers. You already have limited space in your rig. Why limit it more with a bulky, single-use tool?

Power Tanks mount cleanly to your stock or aftermarket roll bar, require no electricity, have no moving parts to fail, and are backed by an unbeatable limited lifetime warranty. Watch how simple it is to use a Power Tank on our JKU with 37" tires.

Another benefit shown in the video is that Power Tanks are completely portable. Since they remove easily from their mounts and don't require external power, you can walk your Power Tank down the trail and help a stuck rig ahead of you or walk it around your property to do some work around the house. Once you get a Power Tank in your hand, you'll think of all kinds of tasks made easier having a truly portable air system. Blowing off camera equipment, cleaning firearms, blowing out sprinkler lines, cleaning up after a camping trip, clearing your gutters, repairing a fence, replacing crown moulding, the possibilities are limited by your imagination. The portable nature of the Power Tank also makes it ideal for airing up the odd-sized tires at home: motorcycles, strollers, wagons, wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, the list goes on. It's one of the few Jeep accessories that doubles as a home improvement tool and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Power Shot Trigger on Can Am X3 Roll Bar

Which Power Tank do I get?

Power Shot powering a Pro Eagle Phoenix CO2 jack to lift a sxs tire

Along with the Power Tank, we also make a full line of supporting accessories from mounts to tire inflators. Most Power Tank Packages bundle these accessories making ordering easy and painless. If you select one of our Jeep Wrangler-specific packages, you will automatically get a bundled Tire Inflator with Gauge (TIG) and an upgraded Super Coupler. Further customizations options can be selected within each Power Tank package.

For Jeeps with tires up to 35" tall, we recommend a 10 lb Power Tank. Larger tires require more CO2 which can be found in our 15 lb Power Tanks. We also carry a 20 lb Power Tank which is our largest size for the biggest air appetites. It can be cumbersome to transport, however, so in these cases it might make the most sense to pick up one of our Package C Power Tanks. They include a complete Power Tank system plus a spare bottle. When one is empty, rotate the spare into your rig.

How do you refill a Power Tank?

To refill, simply call your local CO2 supplier. Businesses like fire extinguisher safety shops, beverage carbonics, homebrew supply, and welding supply shops are common around the country. Typical prices are $15-30 for a refil depending on your area and the size of Power Tank you are refilling. Call around for the best pricing and to ensure your local shop offers on-site CO2 refills, rather than sending them to a central hub or trying to swap bottles. We keep track of user submitted business on a nationwide map, here.

Using a 5 lb Power Tank to air up a SxS RZR tire

But wait! There's more!

Rounding out our SxS line are a few additional accessories that will really take your adventure to the next level. Our Quick Release Bracket is machined 6061-T6 aluminum and fits both 2.5 lb Fire Extinguishers and Pro Eagle's Phoenix CO2 Jack. Available in anodized silver or black.

For those that want the convenience of refilling their Power Shot bottles at home or from their trailer, we have our Power Filler CO2 refilling tools. Use a 10, 15, or 20 lb Power Tank to refill on the go.

And if you want all this Power Shot goodness but would rather keep it tucked away instead of mounted to your car, we have the Power Shot Trigger available in a padded zipper bag. This kit is also great to keep in your daily drivers.

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