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No other air system beats a Power Tank in speed, power, portability, and reliability

Power Tank is the only air system that's as reliable as your Toyota and backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Air Up in Seconds

Power Tank digital tire inflator airing up tire

A Power Tank is the fastest portable air system on the market. A 10lb Power Tank can air up (20) 33x12.50x17 tires by 15 psi each in 29 seconds per tire.

It utilizes liquid CO2 for it's consistent output and high volume of usable energy. Liquid CO2 has about three times the usable energy of compressed N2 which gives you more tire inflations and longer run times on your air tools. Power Tanks use the same CO2 that is used to operate soda machines and beer taps so it is safe, non-toxic, and easily refilled. Places you can go to refill your Power Tank are beverage carbonics, fire extinguisher service shops, welding supply, or air gas shops for around $15 to $20.

Speed up repairs

A Power Tank is the only portable air system that can run air tools, like a half inch impact wrench or die grinder, at full power for sustained periods. A 10lb Power Tank can remove 360 lug nuts torqued to 90 ft-lbs before needing to be refilled. There is no duty cycle, no worry about over heating, and no waiting on a small air tank to charge. A Power Tank is always ready to go. The optional Super Coupler is universal and will accept any air tool you come across. Air powered blender, anyone?

Reseat Tires Instantly

Debeading a tire on the trail can oft lead to a lengthy trail fix. Not with a Power Tank! All you need to do is jack the tire up off the ground and start pumping in air. With a 250 psi max output pressure (or 400 psi with the XP400 upgrade) and a 45 cfm flow rate, you have more than enough flow to be able to reseat any tire instantly. No ratchet straps or flammable materials required. Most tires do not even require you to remove the valve core. A Power Tank has been proven to reseat a 46" tire on the trail without needing to remove it from the vehicle. To compare, top of the line compressors boast only 150 psi and 6 cfm.

Reseating a tire with a Power Tank

Completely Portable

While the included 30 ft Super Flex hose will reach all four tires of your rig from where your Power Tank is mounted, it can also be removed from the bracket and used where ever you need it. Someone ahead of you on the trail lose a bead? Walk your Power Tank over, set it down, and air that tire back up. You'll be back on the trail faster than someone can find the brake cleaner at the bottom of their gear bag. There are no power lines to run or batteries to connect to.

It's even great to use around the house! We've seen folks fix fences on their property where running power to a home compressor was not feasible, clean out gutters with an air gun, or blow out sprinkler lines for the winter. Really, a Power Tank is a great home improvement tool that's portable enough to take with you on the trails (or at least that's what you can tell your SO).

Power Tanks in the field

Woman airing up FJ Cruiser tire with a Power Tank

Pulling your Candy Red Power Tank out of the mount to air up isn't necessary but it sure makes for a great picture next to your FJ Cruiser!

Travis Hess airing up a Tundra with a Power Tank

Travis Hess is an expert in emergency preparedness and a Power Tank is one tool he never leaves home without.

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Power Tank Packages

Power Tank Package A

10 lb Package A

Good minimal kit for those on a budget. Includes bracket or Speed Bag.

Power Tank Package B

10 lb Package B

Best seller. Includes bracket or Speed Bag and tire inflator gauge.

Power Tank Package C

10 lb Package C

Rotation system with spare bottle. Includes bracket or Speed Bag and digital tire inflator gauge.

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