10 & 15 lb Track Pack Builder

One of the top benefits of owning a Power Tank is that we engineer a full line of accessories and mounts in-house to complement the base Power Tank system so that all components work seamlessly and safely together, instead of leaving you to piece together an air solution yourself from multiple vendors. That leaves a lot of potential customization options for you so we've split the process into a few sections so you can make an informed decision and get exactly the kit you need, made to your exact specifications.

If you want to skip the options and go with our top recommendations, a pre-built kit is for you. We take the guesswork out of ordering by creating packages with the most popular options or our personal recommendations already chosen. Click here to see our pre-built kits.

Jump to PT builder (required) Choose a tank size with options for color, regulator, and your choice of a coiled or straight hose.

Jump to Track Pack Accessory Kit customizer (required) Choose and customize an accessory kit to pair with your Power Tank. You can save big by bundling accessories together with your Power Tank system. All Track Pack accessory kits include a padded Speed bag for easy transporting of your Power Tank making it easy to move between multiple vehicles or from the chase truck to the race car. Do you prefer to hard mount your Power Tank? Check out our standard Power Tank systems by clicking here.

Jump to accessories (optional) Customization. Our Six-Shooter billet knobs have been a huge hit and add an extra touch of personalization to your Power Tank. Or simply add accessories like a blow gun to extend the utility of your Power Tank even further.

Candy Blue 10lb Track Pack Power Tank next to a tire

What is a Power Tank?

A Power Tank:

  • can air up a 40" tire in under a minute
  • can reseat up to a 46" tire
  • can run air tools like an impact wrench at full power
  • has three times the volume of usable energy as a similarly sized N2 bottle
  • does not require electricity to operate
  • runs completely silently
  • is reliable with no moving parts
  • is safe with a safety burst disc and billet aluminum guard handle
  • is easily refilled with CO2 at a local fire extinguisher safety shop, welding suppply, or beverage carbonics shop (home brew shops) 

The Power Tank system consists of an armorcoat CO2 bottle, a Super Flow regulator, a billet aluminum Power Grip Guard handle, and a high-pressure low-temperature hose. We also manufacture a full line of accessories to complement the core system like heavy-duty tire inflators, brackets, and more. What sets us apart from the competition is a focus on the highest quality components, intelligent features, safety, and reliability in the field where equipment failure isn't simply an inconvenience. Power Tanks are built to last which is why it's the only air system that comes standard with a limited lifetime warranty. This is the last air system you'll ever buy.

PT10 and PT15 Power Tanks

With a capacity of 10 and 15 lbs of CO2, respectively, the PT10 and PT15 are great for nearly all trail rigs as they are easy to mount, offer great volume compared to the smaller PT05, and remain highly portable compared to the PT20. Unlike other air systems that leave you to piece together brackets and accessories yourself, we package all the essentials for you in three levels of kits to make sure you get everything you need to mount your Power Tank and start airing up tires and running air tools out of the box. Because we believe there is always the perfect tool for any job, we offer a myriad of customization options which increase performance, add convenience and versatility, or personalize your Power Tank.

Choose your Power Tank

PT10 - 10 lb Power Tank

PT10 Track Pack being used to air up tire

This is the size of the first Power Tanks going back 20+ years and it's still our most popular size. Recommended for tires up to 35" tall, this is the best size to volume ratio. You can add 10 psi to (30) 35" tires before needing to refill the tank. It is also good for removing 360 lug nuts from a 1/2" impact wrench at 90 lb/ft. For a more complete breakdown of the expected usabillity visit our air tool chart here. Visit here for the tank dimensions along with weights.

PT15 - 15 lb Power Tank

Size comparison between PT10 and PT15 Track Packs
Size comparison between PT10 and PT15 Track Packs

Add 6 inches to the height of a PT10 and you have a PT15 with 50% more volume. This is our recommendation for 35" tires or taller. It is still light enough to be walked down the trail while packing a lot more CO2. You can air up (36) 37" tires adding 10 psi/tire or remove 540 lug nuts from a 1/2" impact wrench at 90 lb/ft. If you need the volume but space is an issue, consider going with a PT10 with a spare bottle you can keep at home. Can't make up your mind? The PT10 and PT15 are the same diameter allowing you to swap regulators, handles, and brackets between both sizes of bottles with ease. Our full air tool usage chart is here and product dimensions and weights can be found on this page.

Customize your Accessory Kit (choose one)

Track Pack A Accessory Kit

PT10 10lb Power Tank Package A accessory kit


Save $20.80 by bundling

Here is a great minimalist system to get you started. It contains everything you need to air up tires and run air tools and includes a Super Bracket. The tank boot and regulator cover help keep your system clean.

Track Pack B Accessory Kit

PT10 10lb Power Tank Package B accessory kit


Save $37.25 by bundling

This is our most popular package and adds two accessories to the Package A you won't find on any other air system. The first is a Power Tank HD Tire Inflator with your choice of analog or digital gauge. It is made in-house, is fully rebuildable, and has an unheard of five year warranty. The second is the feature-packed Super Coupler that is universal and features it's own on/off valve. See it in action here.

TP Monster Valve Kit

PT10 10lb Power Tank Package C accessory kit


Save $78.95 by bundling

If you want a no compromise tire inflation and deflation system, look no further than Power Tank Monster Valves. They are a secondary, oversized valve stem that can be installed in nearly any wheel giving you ~1 psi/sec air up and air down times on a 37" tire. They are so fast that we include a large, easy to read tire pressure gauge that attaches to your stock stem giving you second-to-second readings. A high-quality tap is included for installation.

Package A includes: Package B includes: MV Package includes:
Tank Boot Tank Boot Tank Boot
Speed Bag Speed Bag Speed Bag
Power Flow 3 High-Pressure Coupler Super Coupler Super Coupler
Push-and-Hold Ball Air Chuck HD Tire Inflator HD Tire Pressure Gauge
Set of four Monster Valves w/ Tap
Monster Chuck for inflation
EVA Case for storage
Save $20.80 by bundling Save $59.20 by bundling Save $100.90 by bundling
$77 $148.50 $297
Choose Package A Choose Package B Choose Monster Valve Package

Add accents or accessories

You spend a lot of time and energy to get your rig set up exactly how you want it. Why should your Power Tank be any different? Click below to see our line of Power Tank accessories. You'll find products like our Six-Shooter Billet Tank knobs to add a splash of color to your system to make it look as good as it performs. If that's not enough, consider some add ons like a blow gun, which comes in more handy than you think to clean things out. Our new T-scale is easier to use than ever to measure how much CO2 is left in your tank (CO2 is filled by weight, not pressure).

Red Six-Shooter tank knob

Racer Red Six-Shooter tank knob gives your Power Tank an extra touch of personality

Blow Gun with bendable tip

Our Blow Gun is available with a bendable tip to get to hard to reach places like radiators or the CVT in your SxS

T-Scale for measuring Power Tanks

The only way to know how much CO2 is left in your bottle is to weigh your tank. This handy scale has a fabric hook to wrap around your handle so nothing is scratched and gives accurate weights up to 100 lbs.