CO2 Tank Power Filler III Larger Tanks Transfill Tool Power Tank

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CO2 Tank Power Filler III Transfill Tool Larger Tanks from Power Tank. The Power Fill-III CO2 Transfiller Tool is used to fill CO2 bottles from larger CO2 tanks. CGA-320 to CGA-320. Unless your Large tank has a siphon tube inside you will need to flip your Large tank upside down to get the gas to the valve. The ITT-1000 can hold up to a 35lb CO2 bottle upside down. 

Note: Liquid CO2 does not transfill like most compressed gases. A CO2 pump is usually necessary for complete fills. A large temperature differential between the mother bottle and the small bottle will help the transfill process. We recommend the small bottle to be at least 40 degrees F colder than the mother bottle before filling. 30 minutes in a freezer or in a bucket of ice water are two good ways to chill the small bottle. 

You will only be able to get three 5lb. fills from a 20 lb. tank.