Jet Pak System for Air Lockers - Power Tank

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The Jet Pak air system is found on professional race cars in every discipline from drag cars to Ultra4 desert racers. This is the kit to get if you need high pressure, low volume air for your air chute, air bag, shifter, or air locker.

This kit includes two 20 oz. CO2 bottles, a Jet Pak Sidearm regulator, 20 oz. bracket, and a zipper pouch. The main bottle is mounted to the bracket with either a flush mount or tube mount with optional roll bar clamps (ABC-1030). The spare bottle is kept in the zipper pouch, ready to be swapped out at a moments notice.

The Jet Pak 2 sports a max output of 160 psi while the Jet Pak 3 has a 400 psi output. The in-line pressure release valve prevents damage to your expensive components in the case of a pressure spike.

The push-in fitting will accept any 5 mm. air line. It sports a quick disconnect to easily disengage the air line from the regulator should the need arise.

For ARB lockers choose the lower pressure Jet Pak 2 and pair it with our ARB Manifold Install Kit to use electric switches and your ARB solenoids or go fully pneumatic with some pneumatic toggle switches, bypassing the solenoids and pesky electronics altogether. A single 20 oz. bottle is good for 500+ locker engagements.

Click here to read Quadratec's article on how to install this and a ARB Manifold Install kit to operate an air actuated sway bar on a JKU Wrangler. The instructions are the same as if you were installing an air locker. 

ARB has recently changed from a 5 mm. to a 6 mm. air line. Please confirm which air line is supplied with your locker kit and specify in the options before placing your order.

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