2019 Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

It's holiday shopping season and your loved ones are asking you to "surprise them" this year, same as last year, and the year before. Well don't settle on gifting another neck tie when they spend most of their time in the garage or out wheeling. With Power Tank tools and accessories, you really will surprise them with top of the line equipment and a great warranty to back it up. 

A six shooter tank knob give a pop of color to this Power Tank

For someone that already has a Power Tank, a Six Shooter Tank Knob makes a great stocking stuffer. Machined out of billet aluminum and hard anodized, this gives a pop of color and personalization to any Power Tank as well as giving it an even more premium feel. Available in five colors.

Master Blaster Blow Gun Kit

Our new Master Blaster blow gun kit features interchangeable tips to handle ANY situation. The extendable tip stretches to 12 inches to reach behind radiators and CVT belts. The fine point tip gives you pinpoint accuracy and is great for cleaning firearms. The rubber cone tip does everything else like blowing out dust from your rig. Best of all, we have introductory pricing at more than 50% below retail!

There is nothing better than a billet Power Tank bottle opener

When you thought opening a bottle of beer couldn't get any more satisfying, in comes the billet bottle opener from Power Tank. One of these will impress any beverage connoisseur with a wide grip and satisfying lever action. That bottle cap never stood a chance.

High Pressure Blow Gun

This is one of the few blow guns that can withstand the extreme pressures of a Power Tank. It's compact size is great for cleaning everything from a truck bed, camera, firearm, and more. I use mine to clean out the gutters and blow out sprinkler lines. *hint* *hint*

Power Tank tire inflators make excellent gifts

You can never go wrong with a Power Tank Tire Inflator with Gauge (TIG). Our Tire Inflators are the highestquality on the market and they're the only ones backed by a five year warranty. The Overlander model ($109.95) is our best selling digital unit and is great for nearly all 4x4s. For high-pressure tires on tow vehicles, trailers, and RVs, the Workhorse Safety Series model ($120.95) packs an extended six foot safety whip allowing the user to stand up and off to the side while airing up.

trailhead automatic tire deflators - Power Tank edition

Is airing down a chore? Is it too much time spent crouching on your knees by each tire? With the Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflators, you pre-set all four devices to a desired pressure once, then when you get to the trail, you screw 'em on to each wheel and they air down all four at once. Totally hands free. They stop at your desired pressure leaving you to simply unscrew them and put them back into the included pouch. The Power Tank edition features an upgraded digital tire pressure gauge.

complete tire-repair-kit with co2 air source

This is a fantastic gift for anyone and for any vehicle. It is a self contained tire repair kit with everything you need to remove a nail, screw, etc. from a tire, plug up the hole, and air up the tire. It comes with a 20 oz CO2 Power Shot Trigger which, when refilled at a paintball or sporting goods store, can air up 3-4 passenger car tires. Once filled, the CO2 will not leak out and operation is as simple as squeezing a trigger. Even if you would rather switch to a spare tire, the spare is never at the proper pressure. With a digital tire pressure gauge, make sure the spare you're putting on is at the right PSI to prevent another damaged tire. My wife always keeps one of these in her trunk and if she gets a slow leak, she can top off the tire enough to get home where I can assess the damage and make necessary repairs. It's much faster than waiting for AAA.

Power Shot Trigger on solo bracket

The Power Shot Trigger is the number one air source for any SxS or UTV. Pair it with our new Power Shot Upgrade Kit ($54.95) to unleash the full potential with Quick-Switch Attachments. This is a must have item for any Side by Side to quickly air up flat tires, reseat tire beads, or blow out dust from the cabin or CVT Transmission housing. When paired with the Power Shot Upgrade Kit, you'll also be able to power the new Pro Eagle Phoenix CO2 Jack and be prepared for future attachments. This system includes a Roll Bar Mount for easy mounting and quick access. When choosing roll bar diameter refer to the following: Can-Am Maverick X3 - 1.875" // Polaris RZR - 1.75" // Arctic Cat Wildcat - 1.75" // Yamaha YXZ - 1.75"

10 lb Power Tank - Basic System

You know your loved one wants a Power Tank but you don't know much more than that. This 10 lb Basic System is a safe buy. It's a minimal system but contains all components that make up a Power Tank and it's ready to go. They can choose their own accessories and mounts when they're ready. The 10 lb is a great size for just about any 4x4 but if it's going to be for airing up BIG tires, consider getting a 15 lb Power Tank - Basic System ($549.95) instead for only $33 more.

10 lb Power Tank - Package B System

The Package B is our best selling Power Tank system because it has everything you need plus it packs a ton of value. Included with the Pacakge B is our Super Bracket, Super Coupler, and a Tire Inflator with Guage all at a substantial savings over buying everything separately. Shown here is our limited edition Tiger Orange color but the 10 lb Power Tank can also be had in four additional colors. This is always my go-to recommendation for someone thinking about buying a Power Tank for themselves or a loved one. And that loved one will be sure to love you back when they open their present! The 10 lb is a great size for just about any 4x4 but if it's going to be for airing up BIG tires, consider getting a 15 lb Power Tank - Package B System ($714.95) instead for only $33 more.

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