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Take the most versatile, powerful air system for your SxS and add even more capability with this Power Shot Trigger Upgrade Kit. If you have a Version 3 Trigger regulator on your Power Shot then this upgrade kit is a simple install to add a Pro Eagle Phoenix Jack adapter to your system or any number of future attachments and add-ons. Version three is designated by the silver stainless steel braided line and angled push-on chuck at the end. 

To upgrade your Power Shot, unscrew the air chuck from your trigger and replace it with our Power Flow quick-switch coupler. Add a male plug back onto your air chuck and you have all the same functionality as before with the added ability to switch between different attachments on the fly. Switch from the push-on air chuck to inflate tires and reseat beads, to the Pro Eagle Phoenix CO2 Jack adapter to be able to quickly change a tire in the field or in your garage. You can even disconnect from the jack while it is raised to attach the air chuck and reseat a tire while it's in the air. You can expect over 50 full actuations from the air jack from a single 20 oz. Power Shot bottle. 

You can also quick-switch to the included blow gun attachment. This attachment is an extendable fine-point blow gun tip which can be lengthened from 8 to 12 in. to be able to reach back behind your CVT belt and blow out dirt and silt from the back of the housing. This versatility makes the Power Shot system the ultimate SxS recovery tool. 

Keep an eye out for future attachments to extend the versatility even further. When purchased together with a Power Shot Trigger Regulator or Power Shot Trigger system, the upgrade will be pre-installed. 


Note: PTFE thread sealant tape or liquid thread locker is required for install. Not included. 

Older Power Shot Trigger regulators with a yellow sheathed hose and straight push-on air chuck can not be upgraded.

Phoenix Air Jack not included.

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