Crossover Tire Air-Up and Repair Kit with Mini Power Tank CO2 Air Source

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You don't need a crazy suspension system or huge tires to do some overlanding but you do need the proper equipment to do it safely. We have created the Crossover Tire Air-Up and Repair Kit to extend the capabilities of your stock vehicle for when you do decide to take the path less traveled. This kit features two 20 oz CO2 Power Shot bottles with a Trigger Regulator and our Pro-Series Tire Repair Kit. 

They may look small but our Power Shot systems pack a punch. 40 oz of CO2 will allow you to air down and air up all four of your tires with one bottle, while still having a full bottle in reserve in case you get a tire puncture. Because of it's super high flow rate, you can also use your Power Shot to reseat a tire on the trail. 

There are a myriad of reasons you should air down your tires for off-road travel, even over relatively smooth fire roads. By letting some of the air out of your tires, you create a more comfortable ride for you and your occupants, as well as your gear. The smoother ride also lends itself to less wear and tear on your vehicle, especially the suspension components. When you air down your tires, they flatten out, creating a larger contact surface with the ground. This increases grip and traction and allows your tires to grab onto the terrain instead of bouncing off of it. The larger contact patch of your tires also decreases erosion. There is less pressure spread out over a greater area, minimizing your impact on the trail as well as less tire spin from increased traction.

This kit is extremely simple to use. After screwing the Trigger Regulator onto the bottle, you hold the air chuck on your valve stem, and squeeze the red trigger. Easy. To reseat a tire, use your car's jack to lift the tire in the air, and, again, simply squeeze the red trigger until you hear a pop! which is your tire's bead mating with the wheel. If you get a tire puncture, the Pro-Series Tire Repair Kit features premium quality tools and easy to follow instructions. 

The 20 oz Power Shot bottles are easily refilled with CO2 at any paintball shop for about $5

Having a way to air up and repair your tires will give you the confidence to adventure further, longer. And, if you complete your trip without any tire issues, use this system to blow out all the dust and dirt from your car interior. 


  • 2x 20 oz Matte Black CO2 bottles
  • Power Trigger Regulator
  • Pro-Series Tire Repair Kit
  • Digital tire pressure gauge
  • Zippered Storage Bag
  • Ammo bag case for spare bottle to prevent scratches