Sidearm CO2 Kit Power Tank - Bottle Not Inlcuded

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Sidearm CO2 Kit from Power Tank. Here's the Sidearm Kit featuring our Sidearm regulator without the CO2 bottles. The Holster fits 16 or 20 oz. CO2 bottles with 323 On/Off valves. Includes an aluminum valve protector and a carabiner to hang the holster along with a 10 foot coiled SuperFlex hose.

Warning: Not all valves are created equal. If you feel any metal-to-metal contact between your bottle valve and the inside of our regulator Do Not Use. This may ruin your regulator and void your warranty

Note: PRO series 400 psi regulator not recommended for use with nail guns.


  • Powershot Sidearm w/o bottle
  • Sidearm 160 Regulator (400 psi PRO regulator available)
  • Holster
  • 10 Foot coiled hose
  • Fittings