Workman Package B Power Shot Sidearm 20 Oz CO2 Power Tank

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CO2 Tank Powershot Sidearm 20 Oz Package B from Power Tank. This mean little air system has been the secret weapon by race teams for its stealth usefulness in the pits, at the start line, and on the track. Gone are the days of carrying large bulky air tanks around just to get a small amount of slow air from it.

One 20 oz. Power Shot CO2 bottle gives you the same amount of usable air as a 50 gallon air tank at 120 PSI. This kit comes with our Series 20 holster which hangs the bottle from your belt.

The additional grip sleeve with a steel belt clip and a grippy rubber liner allows you to carry the second bottle as a back-up spare allowing you to swap it out in seconds. The 10 foot hose stays tight to your body yet moves with you.

Your competitors will scratch their heads when they see you running a 1/2 inch impact at track side without a compressor. Good for circle, 1/4 mile, auto cross, motocross, or any sport with tires and air tools. Includes main carry bag to store all of the parts.

For the construction guys, the two bottles will allow you to shoot a total of 380 8D nails without having to run air lines, power lines, or set up any equipment. 

All Workman packages are used by Helifire for their Pyroshot systems. 

Note: PRO series 400 psi regulator not recommended for use with nail guns.


  • Power Shot Sidearm 20 Package B
  • Two (2) 20 oz. bottles (on-off v.)
  • Sidearm 160 Regulator (400 psi PRO regulator available)
  • Holster w/ carabiner
  • Bottle Sleeve w/pocket clip
  • 10 foot Braided Coiled Hose
  • Coupler Fittings
  • Tire Air Chuck
  • Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (0-100 psi)
  • (1) Carry Bag
  • (2) Valve Caps
  • Mini Tire Plug Kit