Workman Package A Power Shot Sidearm 20 Oz CO2 Power Tank

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Wether you're a mechanic, carpenter, pit crew, or a home improvement guy who knows the value of well built equipment, this is the kit for you. The Workman Power Shot System is the most portable air system on the market and will allow you to run air tools in even the most cramped work areas.

The 20 oz CO2 bottle clips to your belt and provides as much air as a 50 gallon air tank at 120 psi. Our Sidearm adjustable regulator uses the same Super Flow technology as our full size Power Tanks, allowing you to dial the pressure exactly for the tool or task at hand. The included ten foot hose moves with you and the high pressure rated swivels at both ends prevent tangling.

This system works great with all of your air tools: nail gun, rivet gun, grease gun, caulking gun, tire inflator, etc. The Power Shot does not require electricity, extra air lines, and it runs completely silently. Great for contractors that have to work around clients.

The bottle can be refilled at a sporting goods or paintball shop for about $4 or you can refill them yourselves with our Power Shot Filling Station (ITT-2000). If you need more than one bottle, check out our workman Package B and C (PSO1-3150, PS01-3160).

All Workman packages are used by Helifire for their Pyroshot systems. 

Note: PRO series 400 psi regulator not recommended for use with nail guns


  • Power Shot Sidearm 20 Package A
  • (1) 20 oz bottle with on/off valve
  • Sidearm 160 Regulator (400 psi PRO regulator available)
  • Holster w/ carabiner
  • 10 foot Braided coiled hose
  • Fittings
  • Tire Air Chuck
  • Mini Tire Plug Kit
  • Valve Cap
  • Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (0-100 psi)